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Algarve holiday villas. 

You could be visiting this beach on your Algarve holiday.

So you have chosen the Algarve, Portugal for your holiday. We don’t blame you, it is an amazing region of Portugal.

There is something to suit everyone, whether you are looking for quaint whitewashed villages or fun packed holiday resorts, natural beauty or man made fun.

The big decision is where are you going to stay?

The choice may seem endless with resorts, high-rise apartments, holiday homes or little cottages to choose from.

Our advice is to look at what the priorities are for your holiday.

Family villas on the Algarve

Are you going on holiday to the Algarve as a family? Do you want to make sure that the kids are entertained? Then a villa may be perfect for you.

Imagine the first morning of your holiday, waking up, having a relaxing breakfast on the terrace and the kids playing happily in the private pool.

Does this sound like your idea of family holiday perfection?

Just imagine having breakfast with the children happily playing at Ocean Dream Villa Bellamar, Praia da Luz, Lagos

This is life in an Algarve villa, no queuing for the buffet that has been touched by many small hands, no kids crying because they want to be in the pool, not the dining room. You can do everything at your own pace.

The pool experience will be far better, as you will be the only ones using it. You can relax, as you can see the children at all times.

You may worry about keeping the children entertained, but if you choose a villa located by the beach or in the centre of the resorts you can still access the local entertainment, such as water parks, boat tours and shopping centres (paying direct so avoiding inflated prices).

Staying in a villa in the Algarve, may just give you that relaxing holiday you are hoping for.

This 5 bedroom villa with private pool is ideal for families Oasis 6 Albufeira

Where are villas on the Algarve located?

Location, location, location.

These words are often associated with buying a home, but it is just as important when choosing your holiday. Do you want to be in the thick of the action or are you looking for a get away from it all holiday?

Villas are located across the entire Algarve region so you will be able to choose a villa near the action packed Albufeira strip, in the peaceful Algarve countryside or as close as you want to the airport in Faro.

Is a sea view an essential part of your criteria? If so booking a villa direct will mean that you can actually see what you are getting rather than arriving in a resort of many properties and being allocated on arrival.

Is being close to activities and amenities the most important aspect of your holiday? By booking a villa direct you know the exact location so you can ensure you are as close or as far away as you want to be.

Make a list of what you are looking for and then check on a map which area best suits your needs. Many websites have a properties by location search, such as the search map feature on  

And as you are booking a private villa in the Algarve, you can ask the owners exactly what is nearby to ensure it suits your needs.

This is the sea view you would have if you booked Ocean Villas, 2 bed villa, Praia da Luz

Are you looking for a Holiday villa for a special party?

Is your holiday to the Algarve to celebrate an occasion? For example, a stag/hen party, a big birthday or anniversary? Then a holiday villa in the Algarve may just be exactly what you are looking for.

Booking a villa with 5 or 6 rooms means that you will be able to spend that quality time together without sharing it with a hundred other families.

Imagine celebrating your golden wedding anniversary, all at the same table with no time constraints, enjoying just the company of selected friends or family and not being disturbed by revellers at all times of the night. If you want that special dinner, having a private villa does not mean you have to do all the work yourself.    

Many private villa owners can arrange for a chef to come and prepare, cook and serve a meal or arrange for a local restaurant to deliver food to you.
Or maybe you are the revellers? How nice would it be, knowing that you are not going to be disturbed by a noisy pool when you want to enjoy that well earned hangover lie-in in the morning.

(We do recommend that you confirm that groups are accepted at a private villa before booking).

Algarve villas with or without swimming pools

An important aspect of many holidays in the Algarve is having access to a swimming pool. Whilst being in a large complex gives you this, you are potentially sharing the swimming pool with 100’s of other people. That old scenario of getting up early to secure a lounger with a towel is famous worldwide.

By having a holiday villa in the Algarve you can have your own private swimming pool and guaranteed sun loungers.

As an adult only group, imagine the joy and relaxation of not having lots of happy, noisy children there. Being able to use the loungers as you wish, wearing what you want (or not wearing anything at all in some cases) you will have the freedom to choose.

As a family group, you will not be on edge making sure you can see your children in a crowd.

Maybe you don’t like the water, in this case there are many villas without pools, where you will not be splashed or have to worry about walking past the pool.

This is one of the many joys of choosing a holiday villa in the Algarve, you can choose exactly what you want.

Imagine stepping out of your door to this private pool (there is a pool fence available for extra safety) 
Villa Sunkiss Algarve, Carvoeiro

How much will an Algarve villa cost?

Has the cost of a holiday villa in the Algarve seemed prohibitive to you? Or just not something you have ever considered?

Having a private holiday villa may be less expensive than a package holiday, plus you have all the benefits of your own space and privacy.

Prices vary depending on size, amenities and location. But where you can benefit immensely is by booking your flights independently you can choose the day you want to fly.

Many holiday villas have flexible arrival/changeover days which means your work holidays are not set by somebody else.
Something else to consider when booking a package is all of the add-ons, such as transfers to and from the airport. Many villa owners can arrange these with local companies, which means no sitting on a coach waiting for everybody else to be dropped off first (you know you will always be the last drop off!).

Or with local knowledge, be able to give you advice on car hire and which companies provide the best service.

Also once on holiday, there are many savings to be made, such as excursions, rather than booking from your resort, the owner can advise you on the best tours and the best way to book and arrange them.

What and where can you eat in your Algarve villa

Food and eating is an essential aspect of any holiday itinerary. By holidaying in a villa in the Algarve you have the choice of what you want to eat and when.

Do you like to experiment and taste the culture of an area through its food? If so then you will enjoy visiting the fresh food markets and shopping with the locals and then cooking your spoils at a time that suits you.

Maybe your holiday itinerary does not involve cooking at all, in this case if you book an Algarve villa near to amenities and depending on your budget, you can eat out at little local family run restaurants and cafes, visit Michelin starred restaurants or enjoy your meal overlooking the ocean.

There is also the option to have a chef arrive at your villa and cook for you. This option can be arranged privately or the owner of the villa may be able to provide/recommend this service. 
If you are holidaying with those with restricted diets, you can eat in your own kitchen knowing there is no cross contamination, no risk and the food of your choice.

A villa in the Algarve is suitable for vegans, dairy intolerant, food allergies and intolerances, as you will be having the same food, made in the same way that you have always enjoyed.

You could be shopping at this harbour side fresh market in Olhao

Are there any risks with booking a private holiday villa in the Algarve?

As with anything in life there may always be risks, but as long as you take care, these risks will be negated.

Only ever book a villa with an AL (Alojamento Local) license. This means that your villa is registered and complies with Portuguese laws.

Ensure you take adequate holiday insurance (We cannot stress this enough, regardless of what type of holiday you book).

Do not arrive with more guests than you have booked for,you could be turned away.

If you are planning to have a group holiday, ensure that your chosen villa accepts groups before booking, if they do not, again, you may be turned away on arrival.
If you have a private villa in the Algarve with a swimming pool, ensure that you follow the pool rules, there will be no lifeguard on duty.

Algarve villa summary:

Booking a private villa in the Algarve will give you the freedom to enjoy your holiday, the way you want to.

Whichever holiday you choose in the Algarve, we hope you have a fantastic time!

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